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With more than 15 years of experience, we’re a global team of experts that specialize in kitchen, bath, closets, furniture and flooring.

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New Construction / Remodeling

Residential · Commercial

Architectural Design & Custom Build

Whether your project is a new build or transforming your current space with a remodel, we will work with you to make something truly spectacular.

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Olive Grove Construction


Kitchen, Bath & Utility, Wardrobe & Closets, Living & Study, Furniture, Flooring, Multi-Residential



We're proud to serve the State of Texas and local communities in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin with top quality interior design, furniture supply & installation.

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See some examples of the spectacular spaces we've created in residential and commercial properties throughout Texas.

Venezia d Landscape

Phase 1: Your Requirements

We work closely with you to first understand your needs and goals related to the project. This especially includes: architectural drawings, scale/size, appliance and plumbing specs, intended use and budget, in addition to any other custom requirements you may have. During the first phase we lay the foundation for the necessary elements of the design phase.

Phase 2: Design & Review

We utilize a consultive approach during phase two to ensure that the design meets all the requirements identified in phase one. When possible, we use collaborative tools to discuss small details (ex. Skype) to save time and costs, while reserving face-to-face meeting for the most significant milestones.

Phase 3: Delivery & Installation

Once the design, materials and project plan have been finalized, we oversee the final design phase: execution. In this phase, our goal is complete customer satisfaction achieved through delivering the highest quality materials, a seamless installation and assurance that project budgets/timelines are met.

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