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With more than 15 years of experience, we are a global team of experts that specialize in architecture & interior design. Founded in 2016 by Anita Darash, our goal is to deliver exceptional equality design, supplies and installation on a wide variety of projects throughout Austin, Texas. We work with contractors, builders, designers, architects and dealers on both residential and commercial projects with experience in kitchen cabinetry, bathrooms, flooring and tiles.

We focus on timeless designs that integrate eco-friendly materials and sustainable functionality and construction. Classic European designs, techniques and qualities are at the core of our design and installation process, transforming every-day living spaces and ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction in every phase of the project.

Anita Darash

Founder, CEO

Anita is a design/supply, installation, hospitality furniture, and marketing professional, with over fifteen years servicing the Texas area. Focused on elegant, timeless designs with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Additionally, these experiences have sharpened her ability to service/motivate clients and deliver creative solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial living spaces.

She invests time annually attending European trade-shows, visiting production factories, and researching new materials to meet your diverse project requirements.

Magda Fornal

Interior Designer

Magda is a European designer focused on contemporary, elegant interiors. Each new project is approached as a new, exciting adventure. Always at the forefront of functional modern design she researches solutions that are aesthetic and spatial.

She enjoys creating interiors in harmony with people, for people. Magda brings to the table a keen eye for detail that works with each and every project design – a seamless blend of beauty and utility at its best.

Daria Pradzynska

Graphic & Interior Designer

Daria is a graduate of studies in the field of industrial design. She has completed numerous post college programs and received many certifications related to design applications such as 3ds Max, Inventor, and AutoCad.

She currently designs kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, she manages and creates By Darash’s social networking content. Daria attends international fairs and follows the latest trends in interior design. This brings much needed European flare to the team, and we are very proud to have her.

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