It all comes down to this moment - the delivery & installation


We are also able to perform customization to alter the design if required so that the installation process runs as smoothly as possible and multiple visits are minimized. Our qualified team of professionals perform both residential and commercial installations, with a one year warranty for everything we sell.


During each stage of the project process, we’ll maintain a close contact with customers – ensuring you’re up to date on delivery and installation, as well as being available should you have a question or concern. We are flexible, able to work around your schedule to find a time that is most convenient for your installation.


The journey along the entire supply chain is completed with appreciation for the meticulous workmanship put into each of our products. During shipping, delivery and installation, we treat our products with the utmost care and regularly conduct quality inspections during each step of the process.

Customer Service

Before, during and after installation, our goal is to maintain the highest level of customer service. This means paying close attention to your needs and wants during the entire process, but also ensuring that you’re happy with the final result. Should you wish something to be changed after installation, we’re here for you.

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