How An Interior Designer Can Make Your Living Room Look Spacious

There are tricks that an interior designer can use to make your living room look more spacious. Maximize light and space with your interior décor. Consider these ideas to make your living room seem larger.

Emphasize Your Vertical Space

If you have a high ceiling in your living room, decorate so that it draws eyes upward. Another way to do enhance the vertical dimension in the room is with floor-to-ceiling drapes.

Decorate With Mirrors

A tried and true technique for making rooms look larger is to use mirrors. Mirrors may be used in many ways by an interior designer. Use oversized mirrors or a wall of mirrors to make a living room look much larger. Turn a long skinny mirror on its side as it will make any wall look longer.

Get Furniture With a Lightweight Feel

Furniture occupies a lot of space. By using smaller furniture, you make your living room look bigger. Choose furniture with a lightweight appearance to make spaces appear larger than they actually are.

Choose pale colors rather than dark colors. Use furniture with legs. Use glass tables as they appear to take up less space than wooden tables.

Select Small-Scale Furniture

Choose furniture that has a smaller look. A sofa with a single cushion back and thin arms will work much better than a sofa with big arms. The same goes for chairs, so choose armless chairs.

Use Neutral Colors

Use neutral colors on your walls, ceiling and floor as lighter, neutral colors making a room feel larger. Dark colors will make rooms seem smaller.

Mount Your TV on the Wall

A TV can take up a lot of room. An interior designer will wall-mount a flat-screen TV to make your living room seem larger.


If your living room has a lot of decorations, it will look crowded. When your space is limited, sticking to basics and minimizing is best. Remove any clutter.