Modern Interior Design Trends For Hotels

Nothing impresses a hotel guest quite like stunning interior design. From the moment they walk through the door, guests judge a building on its beauty, functionality, and ability to improve their overall experience. When consulting with a specialized interior designer for hotels, consider incorporating one of these modern design ideas into your building:

Urban Design

Inspired by street art, urban design elements create a high-contrast environment that can make a serious visual statement. Bold colors and exciting textures like concrete and metal can be used to evoke a modern cityscape. This memorable design choice would be particularly inviting for younger guests.


Sustainability should be an important consideration for any hotel owner, for both financial and environmental reasons. This can be a design choice, created with organic or recycled design materials, natural lighting, and greenery. Low-impact elements can also be used discreetly within any other style of decor. An interior designer for hotels with experience in sustainable construction will know how to properly incorporate these elements.


Rooms that blend minimalism with the promise of luxury are particularly relaxing for guests who want their hotel experience to feel like an escape. Neutral and blue-toned colors, clean wooden accents, large bathtubs and waterfall showers, and sleek furniture that appears low to the ground can all work toward promoting tranquility in a room.

Contemporary European

The purpose of this timeless style is to achieve maximum functionality without sacrificing beauty. Appliances and other functional items can be designed to blend seamlessly into the room. Multi-use rooms can be used, such as lobbies that work for social purposes as well as check-in areas and rooms that blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. This style can balance modern and classic design with natural materials like stone and more luxurious textiles such as velvet.

Modernize your building by finding an interior designer for hotels who can manage the project from design to installation and beyond, ensuring a finished product that matches the contemporary look you envision.