Adding Substance And Style With European Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen trends come and go, but European kitchen cabinets offer both beauty and utility in the same package. With their contemporary styling and greater accessibility to the items you store inside, these cabinets are quickly becoming a popular yet enduring trend in kitchen interior design. Learning more about these products can help you make informed choices when it’s time to change up or completely remodel your kitchen spaces.

Frameless Cabinet Construction

To comprehend the benefits of European cabinets, it’s vital to understand the differences between these products and their American counterparts. American versions usually have rectangular face frames that are attached to the front of their cabinet boxes and surround their cabinet doors. In contrast, most European kitchen cabinets have omitted face frames from their designs. Also known as “full access” cabinetry, these use a thicker box construction and full overlay doors that attach by hinges directly to the cabinet box’s sides.

The Benefits of European Cabinets

Because of these key differences in their construction, modern European-style kitchen cabinets provide several useful advantages. First, their design provides greater accessibility to your contents. Without a face frame in the way, it becomes easier to store more and larger items inside their interior spaces. Additionally, they also offer more customization options in terms of materials, decoration and hardware thanks to the smaller door and drawer margins. Finally, many European kitchen cabinets come with a distinctively sleek look and minimalist feel that’s right at home within many interior design schemes.

Consider Size, Shape, and Décor

In general, framed American cabinets offer a more traditional look while most European ones exhibit a contemporary style. You’ll need to consider storage space, your desired décor style and the amount of available room for installation before you make your final cabinet choices. It’s important to keep your preferences and needs in mind while consulting a professional interior design company for smart advice and options.