Maximizing Your Bedroom Closet

Having a large number of closets is a huge selling point for many homes. Many people dream of having a larger closet than the one in their bedroom. With well-planned closet interior design, you can make the most of the space you have.

Large Closets
Obviously, with a large closet, you have the most leeway. You can buy prefabricated shelving, but keep in mind that there is likely space to have built-in shelves and cabinets installed along some of the walls of your walk-in. If you have a lot of unused space in the middle of the closet, you can have more storage built or add a vanity and a chair.

Small Closets
Even if you have a small closet, you can benefit from smart closet interior design. Adding hanging rods can double or even triple the space you have for clothes. You can also update the door of your closet. Use a small shoe cabinet or install an extra shelf close to the ceiling. For the outside of your closet, choose a door with hardware that complements the rest of the room better. For long closets, a sliding door can be a great space saver. Add a mirror to it to make it even more functional.

No Closet
Some bedrooms don’t have any closet space at all. This can be a little more challenging. You have the option of adding an armoire to the room in which to store both folded and hanging clothes, depending on its design. If that won’t work, you may need to have a closet added to your room. Choose a corner where it will be out of the way and hire an experienced professional to help you design your closet from scratch.

You may have a large closet, small closet or no closet at all. Regardless of your circumstances, closet interior design can help you increase the storage space in your bedroom.