Why Hire An Interior Designer For Your Next Hotel Renovation?

Being in the hospitality business means that you put the needs and comfort of others above your own. However, for you to accomplish this goal, you must draw in the clientele, but how do you do that? What are people looking for in a hotel suite? Are the colors and staging of your rooms actually turning customers away? A hotel interior design team can help you answer all these questions and more while simultaneously developing and designing a plan to resolve any concerns. While it is true that you can probably slap a couple of coats of paint on your building, a designer offers so much more.


A professional designer is just that, a professional. They have been trained in color theory and practiced under the tutelage of other seasoned designers, meaning that they have an understanding of ambiance that far surpasses a typical DIYer. Ambiance, or atmosphere, is a large part of what keeps clients coming back to the same hotel and the same suite.

Optimized Usage of Space

Beyond ambiance, hotel interior design deals with the optimal usage of the space. While it may not seem difficult, the right placement of furniture can be the difference of a room feeling claustrophobic or luxurious. Furniture should be placed in a way that takes advantage of views while maintaining comfort and intimacy.

Uniqueness of Design

Lastly, while you are in the hospitality business, your hotel and your brand should be an extension of yourself. Your clients should feel like they have some insight into your personality or interests through the design of your space. A designer can help make that happen, differentiating your hotel from every other in the city, county and state.

Hotel interior design may seem like something any seasoned DIYer can do, but if you want it completed at the level of other luxurious brands, then a professional is your only option. Designers understand ambiance and flow in a way that only professionals can, and they are eager to use their knowledge to improve your hotel experience for guests.