Door Hinge Advancements For European Cabinets

Few people spend time wondering about the hinges on their European kitchen cabinets. However, how softly they close can make a difference in your satisfaction with your cabinets. New advancements have allowed for the hinges on these cabinets to a soft close.


The new hinges are easy to install for manufacturers and installers. They utilize a concealed cup design that continues to remain popular as a hinge design. Rather than placing the slow-close attachment on every hinge, installers only need to place it on one hinge per door or drawer. This saves money, time and hassle for everyone involved.


Enjoy the soft closing of doors and drawers at a minimal cost. For three to six dollars, you can improve the closing sounds of any cabinet door. For example, if the average kitchen features 25 doors, you can expect to spend about $120 for the entire kitchen. This makes the attachment a cost-effective way to have a quieter kitchen.


The best thing about these European kitchen cabinets is the lack of noise. The soft-close attachments eliminate those loud thunks caused by slamming doors. In fact, they slow the closing process down making slamming a door more difficult. No longer does your kitchen have to announce every time someone uses a cabinet.


The type of hinge attachment necessary depends on the current hinges installed on your cabinets. Before purchasing or installing these attachments, double-check the model number and brand to ensure the attachments work on the hinges you have. If you want a hydraulic apparatus, these are sold separately. Install them after the hinge attachment. For those who are unable to find a matching attachment for their existing hinges, you can replace the hinges or invest in a buffer shock absorber.

Make your European kitchen cabinets quiet and soft. Not only can you better enjoy moving about in your kitchen, but the sound of your overall home will decrease. A simple, affordable attachment can make a world of difference in your kitchen.