3 Reasons To Hire An Interior Designer

Everyone wants their home to represent their personality and style, but not every person has a keen sense of design. Interior design services provided by professional designers can help you create the living space of your dreams. However, before you write of such services as expensive and a luxury, there are several reasons an interior designer is best.

1. Time and Money

While there is no denying the expense of interior design services, you need to consider everything that goes into designing a space. First, you need to consider the room, the style and furniture, but you also need to balance a budget to meet your expectations. Professional designers are used to working within a budget, and they will make sure your space is cohesive and complete when the deadline arrives.

2. Expertise and Experience

Hiring an interior designer is about more than hiring someone to do the work. Professional designers understand color schemes and themes. Most have degrees in design and have the portfolios to prove their worth. Think of the last time you designed a space. What was the result? A professional has the skills and knowledge to make your vision a reality.

3. Resources

Professional designers have spent their careers establishing professional relationships. You get to take advantage of those partnerships through reduced costs. Designers love to pass on savings, but they also love having a team of professionals they can count on. Having solid partnerships is a prominent sign of a capable designer.

While you may not have considered professional interior design services for your home, there are too many benefits to dismiss the idea now. Do not let yourself get worked up over deadlines and paint colors, hire someone else to worry about everything. Professional designers are in business, not only for their love of aesthetics but to help homeowners create a space they will love and cherish for years to come.

How To Achieve A Remarkable Restaurant Design

As a restaurant owner, you know that you need more than great food to make your business successful. A combination of great service and amazing ambiance are also necessary. To get the right look for the customers you want to attract, a restaurant interior designer looks at what you offer and the space where you offer it to come up with a design that maximizes your restaurant’s potential.

Importance of Great Design
People don’t just go to restaurants for the food; they also go for the experience. Interior design plays a big role in creating that experience. The layout of the room controls how lively or intimate interactions can be. For example, large tables, a dance floor and a staging area encourage mingling among guests, while smaller tables spaced farther apart indicate that patrons can have quiet conversations with relatively few interruptions. Other elements such as color, texture and lighting are intentionally coordinated to help visitors feel welcome and comfortable in the space.

Benefits of a Professional Designer
Restaurant interior design is a skill that professionals hone with training and experience. A good designer is just one member of your team of contractors, electricians, plumbers and other professionals, and they must all work together to create the space you want. Hiring a professional designer ensures that your vision is feasible. A certified designer understands how to make different elements work well together while making sure that they comply with all the necessary building codes and other regulations in your area. Your designer can also serve as a liaison between you and the construction team to communicate your needs effectively and work to achieve them together.

You would never skimp on the chef who plans and cooks the meals in your kitchen. It makes sense to have the same high standards for your restaurant interior design. Working with a professional can help you create the perfect atmosphere that keeps guests coming back.

Updating Your Home With Interior Design

If you have lived in your home for a while, you may find yourself dissatisfied with your decor. Maybe you never had a clear design scheme. Even if you did make deliberate aesthetic choices, your tastes may have changed since you last updated them. Professional interior design services can help you find a look that expresses your current style more accurately.

One of the first things people tire of in their homes are their window treatments. You may choose a particular type of curtain to make your space warm and cozy. Certain types of blinds give your windows a sleeker, more modern twist. Your designer can help you pick the right color and style to achieve the look you want.

You may not notice your floors on a daily basis, but when it’s time for a change, new flooring can make a huge difference. You may want to change the color of your carpet to introduce new shades to your home. There are many hard floor options, such as laminate, wood and concrete. Interior design services can also help you choose the rugs that will look best with your new flooring.

Nothing alters the look of a room faster than a new coat of paint. You may choose to update to a cooler or warmer neutral that better accentuates the art on your walls. Consider choosing one wall in a common area or office to be an accent wall featuring your favorite color.

After you make all these other changes, you will probably want to update your furniture to match your new overall design. Whether you buy new pieces or recover your old ones with new fabric, changing the furniture is the necessary final touch to completing your home’s new look.

When you get tired of the way your home looks, it may be time for a change. Professional interior design services are a vital part of creating a new look that works for your home.

Stress Less When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen remodel is not complete without an overhaul of old, outdated kitchen cabinets. Choosing kitchen cabinets, however, can feel impossible. Between your budget and the style options, do you know where to start? With a little help, you may be on the cusp of a beautiful kitchen remodel.

What Cabinets Are Available?

There are a number of different cabinets to choose from. There are face frame cabinets and European kitchen cabinets. Face frame cabinets have a standard overlay, full overlay and inset. European style cabinets, on the other hand, are made from particleboard with doors that are wood or thermofoil. Both cabinet styles have a variety of styles, colors and options.

How Can You Make the Right Choice?

Choosing kitchen cabinets is not simple. Even if you have a dream kitchen in the back of your mind, it may not be doable. Your budget and the layout of your kitchen will dictate what is available to you. Of course, if you have the budget, you can always hire a designer to help you with the choice. This is a person who can coordinate your remodel and provide you with the pros and cons of the different cabinet types. He or she can even help you figure out color and style.

In addition to using a designer, you should think about your personal taste. Do you have a theme in your home? Some homeowners have traditional furniture, fixtures and design elements and hence the cabinets should match. If you plan to sell your home in the future, you can still be creative, but you want to keep from creating an unsellable home.

For most people, the budget is the number one factor in choosing cabinetry. Once you narrow down your budget, you can choose the cabinet that fits your lifestyle while remaining friendly to your wallet. Face frame cabinetry and European kitchen cabinets provide a wide range of styles and colors for homeowners to choose what suits them.

Door Hinge Advancements For European Cabinets

Few people spend time wondering about the hinges on their European kitchen cabinets. However, how softly they close can make a difference in your satisfaction with your cabinets. New advancements have allowed for the hinges on these cabinets to a soft close.


The new hinges are easy to install for manufacturers and installers. They utilize a concealed cup design that continues to remain popular as a hinge design. Rather than placing the slow-close attachment on every hinge, installers only need to place it on one hinge per door or drawer. This saves money, time and hassle for everyone involved.


Enjoy the soft closing of doors and drawers at a minimal cost. For three to six dollars, you can improve the closing sounds of any cabinet door. For example, if the average kitchen features 25 doors, you can expect to spend about $120 for the entire kitchen. This makes the attachment a cost-effective way to have a quieter kitchen.


The best thing about these European kitchen cabinets is the lack of noise. The soft-close attachments eliminate those loud thunks caused by slamming doors. In fact, they slow the closing process down making slamming a door more difficult. No longer does your kitchen have to announce every time someone uses a cabinet.


The type of hinge attachment necessary depends on the current hinges installed on your cabinets. Before purchasing or installing these attachments, double-check the model number and brand to ensure the attachments work on the hinges you have. If you want a hydraulic apparatus, these are sold separately. Install them after the hinge attachment. For those who are unable to find a matching attachment for their existing hinges, you can replace the hinges or invest in a buffer shock absorber.

Make your European kitchen cabinets quiet and soft. Not only can you better enjoy moving about in your kitchen, but the sound of your overall home will decrease. A simple, affordable attachment can make a world of difference in your kitchen.

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home. Not only do people cook in the kitchen, but in many homes, it is a central gathering place. Choosing the best cabinets such as European kitchen cabinets allows you to make the most of this central space.


The design of the kitchen is influenced heavily by the choice of cabinets. Showrooms are a great place to look for design ideas. You want cabinets that showcase your personality and style while being functional. Popular designs include traditional and European. Each style can be customized or bought in stock depending on what your budget is and the look you want in your kitchen.


European kitchen cabinets are often called frameless cabinets. They gained popularity in the US after WWII. While these cabinets tend to be smaller, they optimize their available space in ways not done by traditional framed cabinets. Even small kitchens can increase the storage space by using these cabinets. Many feature pull-out shelves increasing versatility and usability. The inside face of the cabinet features the organization system you want for optimal functionality. The hinges stay hidden behind a narrow strip.


A traditional framed cabinet hides the frame using low-quality or thin material for a budget-friendly option. However, these cabinets have wasted space because of the frame. Small openings limit the size of shelves and drawers used in the cabinets. The frame ends up taking that additional space that could be used for storage. Inevitably, this cabinet type takes up more space in the kitchen.

Choosing the best cabinet for your kitchen starts by doing a little research. Once you determine the look of the cabinets you want, you can then customize the color, design and other features. When choosing European kitchen cabinets, you may have additional storage options available to you. It all comes down to how you use your kitchen and the available space.

Interior Designers: What Services Designers Provide

In terms of home improvement, interior designers are a crucial part of the process. Before diving into interior design, it’s important to note that interior designers and interior decorators are not the same thing. Interior design is a broader topic. This is what an interior designer provides homes and businesses.

Room Division and Space Design

When it comes to the interior of a building, the interior designer is who works with the blueprints to design the room. He or she will decide how to divide the room space, how to construct the floor plan and where different components are located. For instance, when you look at a floor plan, see the door locations, the spaces designated to different rooms, this is often the work of an interior designer. The designer has a college degree and post-graduate experience to provide him or her with the skills necessary to create a home’s interior.

Experience and Structure Knowledge

Interior designers may design residential or business properties. In business, professionals may provide services to banks, retail stores and offices to divide the building and plan it for the particular business. They have to understand how building materials work, what the building codes are and how to work with blueprints. In addition, the designers have experience in how to keep a property safe.

Often, a designer will work with an architect during his or her training to ensure that he or she knows how a build takes place. Now, interior designers can offer advice on decoration and the surface of a home. Interior designers often know about interior decorating, however, the big difference is that interior designers handle the structure of the building.

When it comes to a remodel or renovation, it is important to have an interior designer on your side. He or she can help you plan out your space and give your home a complete makeover by working with the internal structure.

How An Interior Designer Creates Your Home

Could your house use some finishing touches? When it comes to comfort, convenience and affordability, interior designers can handle all of these things. If you’re interested in an interior design makeover, here are a few reasons why you should always seek help from a designer if you want to make your house into a home.

Interior Designers Offer Comfort

Once finished, it is important that you see a complete and organized home. You should be enjoying this home, especially after a long day at work. An interior designer can offer you a comfortable place to relax at the end of a hard day.

Interior Designers Offer Convenience

When it comes to utilizing the services of an interior designer, you are able to take a break. The designer can work with you to decide on your tastes. This is especially important if you are unsure about the type of work you want done. Your designer can help you create a home that you love.

Interior Designers Offer Affordability

If you have never hired an interior designer, you may be under the impression that it costs a lot of money. The truth is that it is affordable. In many cases, you can even pay for a design and consultation, without asking for a team to finish it. The truth is, however, that the interior designer can make your home into the beautiful, comfortable place you want to stay. When you take on the project on your own, you may be more prone to frustration or spending more money on appliances, furniture or décor that does not fit your style.

When it comes to interior design, there is a lot that an interior designer is capable of. He or she is the one that puts your home together, decides which elements complement one another and how to turn a house into a home.

How To Leverage A Professional Designer For Your Home Decor Project

You’ve finally decided that you’re ready to take your home’s decor to the next level and hire a professional decorator to help you do the job. If you’ve never worked with a professional decorator or don’t know much about interior design, it can be intimidating to know where to begin. However, if you follow these helpful tips, you should be able to execute on your vision for your home and find the right decor scheme to showcase your personality and style.


The best place to start is to have an at-home consultation with your home decorator. This will give them some time to walk through your home and take notes about you, your style preferences and what you’re looking for with your home’s decorating scheme. As part of their consultation, they’ll likely do a color consult as well to determine what color scheme you want to follow. Some people like to have their entire home follow one scheme so everything flows while others prefer to have a different scheme for each room. Ask for their input and let them know what you like so they can make recommendations.


Your decorator may ask questions to understand your style or they may come out and ask what your style preferences are. It’s okay if you don’t know right away, it just means you will need to take some time to determine what your style preferences are. To find your personal style, pay attention to the world around you and what you’re naturally drawn to. Do you find that you enjoy natural looks such as lots of wood, plants, and fibers? Do you love nautical decor? Keep notes about everything you like to share with your decorator. You may want to browse sites like Pinterest or style magazines for inspiration.


After you determine what your style is and you meet with your stylist, your next step is to try out different looks to determine what works best for you. You’ll eventually find the perfect decoration scheme for your home.

The Art Of Modern Interior Design

Whether you’re looking to update your current home or finding inspiration for building and designing a new home, your interior design is an essential way to make your house feel more like a home. Many design styles have changed throughout the generations, but some styles remain timeless. Learn more about the art of modern design and find out how you can create a balance between timeless style and the latest fashions in your home.

History of Design

Homes have had an artistic design element for centuries. Even ancient Egyptians and Romans used varying styles, colors and fabrics to create a unique interior design. These cultures took pride in the way their homes and buildings looked. Some architectural features have survived the millenia, and so have interior styles. For example, Egyptian wealthy families often have ornate gold and gem-covered furniture and wall hangings to promote their status.

Timeless Trends

When you think about classic design elements, you may not realize how many are still widely used. Modern designers take inspiration from Roman, Greek, Gothic and French designs from past centuries. For example, clean lines and geometric shapes are a timeless way to draw attention to particular areas of the room.

Modern Trends

Modern designers continue to create innovative spaces that balance modern tastes and timeless designs. Whether you’re looking for a designer to shake things up in your current home or looking for a way to create a beautiful space from scratch, modern designers can work with you to give you your dream home.

If you’re ready to redesign your home or design a new living space, it’s time to consult the professionals. A professional interior designer can help you get up-to-speed with modern interior design. From minimalist looks and neutral colors to vibrant wallpaper patterns and a range of colors and textures, modern design themes evoke a particular mood for each room and use an exciting mixture of patterns and textures to highlight the best of your home.