Whether you’re looking to update your current home or finding inspiration for building and designing a new home, your interior design is an essential way to make your house feel more like a home. Many design styles have changed throughout the generations, but some styles remain timeless. Learn more about the art of modern design and find out how you can create a balance between timeless style and the latest fashions in your home.

History of Design

Homes have had an artistic design element for centuries. Even ancient Egyptians and Romans used varying styles, colors and fabrics to create a unique interior design. These cultures took pride in the way their homes and buildings looked. Some architectural features have survived the millenia, and so have interior styles. For example, Egyptian wealthy families often have ornate gold and gem-covered furniture and wall hangings to promote their status.

Timeless Trends

When you think about classic design elements, you may not realize how many are still widely used. Modern designers take inspiration from Roman, Greek, Gothic and French designs from past centuries. For example, clean lines and geometric shapes are a timeless way to draw attention to particular areas of the room.

Modern Trends

Modern designers continue to create innovative spaces that balance modern tastes and timeless designs. Whether you’re looking for a designer to shake things up in your current home or looking for a way to create a beautiful space from scratch, modern designers can work with you to give you your dream home.

If you’re ready to redesign your home or design a new living space, it’s time to consult the professionals. A professional interior designer can help you get up-to-speed with modern interior design. From minimalist looks and neutral colors to vibrant wallpaper patterns and a range of colors and textures, modern design themes evoke a particular mood for each room and use an exciting mixture of patterns and textures to highlight the best of your home.